Featured Artwork

Comics have long been used to both entertain and instruct. Yale’s Digital Canvas has showcased this art form to portray “heroes of engineering” in a larger than life format. The café setting for these works is one that one that presents the comic story lines in a larger than life fashion with vibrant colors that amplify their underlying messages. Two comics were displayed in the café as a technological backdrop that added energy to the already bustling cafe.

Inventor, entrepreneur and humanist Dean Kamen was featured in a display of a comic developed by Deputy Dean Vince Wilczynski and artist Ron Spellman. This comic debuted in the more traditional print format as one of twelve “heroes of engineering” comics created to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The comic was converted to a digital medium by Yale’s Isabella Quagliato to serve as a backdrop for a visit to campus by Dean Kamen where he visited with students, staff and faculty to explore the roles of invention and innovation. Having the subject of the comic, Dean Kamen, talking to the Yale community while his larger than life image floated above all was indeed a special moment.

Yale artist and undergraduate student Autumn Von Plinsky created the second “heroes of engineering” comic that was displayed in the engineering café Ground on Yale’s Digital Canvas. Von Plinsky’s work featured entertainer and technologist will.i.am and detailed his influence on educational opportunities centered on engineering and science.

This work was created as stage art for a presentation by will.i.am to an international engineering outreach program for technically minded high school students. Yale Admission’s Ayaska Fernando joined will.i.am on stage to inspire the assembled students. The Yale Digital Canvas display of Von Plinsky’s work brought this message of inspiration and impact to campus and enabled this work to shine in front of the Yale community.